Friday, July 5, 2013

International Arts Festival

Dear VBC Family,

WOW, the fourth of july was a blast in brooklyn . I met alot of nice people and sold some jewelry. As i get closer to my bday i am feeling inspired by the color of Gold hence, the change in color of my hair. Well if you know me then you know i love playing with my looks. LOL At the fair I was asked why did I use the symbol of the Ankh for my silhouette design to represent the jewelry I make. So here is part of the answer and i hope to get people to start a thread of discussion about this.

The Ankh is the symbok for the key of life it transcends time and is legendary for its belief system when you place a crystal or natural stone in the center portion of the the ankh, you are creating a vibration between you and the universe acording to what the stone or crystal you are attracted too......... to be continued hope to see you in brooklyn

Love, Griffina